Do I Have BV or a Yeast Infection?

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The Differences Between Bacterial Vaginosis and a Yeast Infection

BV Sometimes it hard to tell the difference between bacterial vaginosis and a yeast infection because some of the symptoms are the same.

But they are completely different and it’s important to be able to distinguish between the two as they require different treatments altogether.


Bacterial Vaginosis                            Yeast Infection

Odor                                   Fishy                                                  No

Discharge              White or Gray and Thin                    White and Thick

Irritation                        Sometimes                                        Usually

Antibiotics?                 If not Chronic                                       Never

Treatments        Antibiotics (if not Chronic)                    Over-the-Counter                                                                      Home Remedy                           Anti-Fungal Medication                                                                                                                        Home Remedy

Because of the similarities between the two both BV and yeast infections can be misdiagnosed. Understanding the differences yourself can help put you on the fast track to healing by proper treatment.

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