Tips For a Healthy Vagina

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bvOn a typical day, we don’t give our vaginas much thought.  And this is a good thing. It usually means that there are no obvious problems and everything is in order.

But it IS a good idea to follow some basic guidelines to help keep the delicate balance that makes up our vaginal flora.

So let’s make it a habit to care for our intimate areas to keep things comfortable and functional and here are a few tips to help you do so.

Don’t Douche

Our bodies have a natural cleaning mechanism and douching flushes out our natural bacterias that help our vaginas stay clean and infection-free.

Soaps and Feminine Sprays are Not Necessary

If you are finding that you have a recurrent feminine odor, you need to fix the problem, not mask it. If you are having a problem with chronic odors, click here for treatment options.

Wash AND Pee after Sex

Taking a hot shower or bath after intercourse will help rinse away any bacteria or irritants introduced to your vagina during sex.  Peeing right after sex and before cleaning further aids in flushing your vagina clean.

Wipe Front to Back

This will help keep feces from entering your vagina which can cause infection.

Wear Cotton Underwear

Cotton underwear is breathable and will help keep air flowing to your lady parts.  This combats the dampness that may lead to bacterial infections developing.

See your Gynecologist Regularly

While having your legs up in those stirrups is not even a little bit fun, it is important to get a pap smear every few years.  Based on age, sexual activity or family history, the frequency may vary.

Keeping ourselves fresh and clean is really quite easy and requires little more than a little common sense and safe practices.